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Bedbugs are ectoparasites commonly found in Davenport Iowa homes. Unfortunately, they’re a difficult pest to deal with because they’re hard to identify. Once they’ve invaded your residence, they’ll take up residence on your mattress and box spring. They do this because they want to stay close to you. Once you’ve gone to sleep at night, they’ll come out and suck your blood.

What Causes Bedbug Infestations?

Bedbugs have one reason for entering your home. They’re interested in sucking your blood. Bedbugs are tricky since they can enter the residence using numerous techniques. They hide in motels and go home with tourists by climbing into their bags. You may not realize it, but the motel room was infested. Now, your luggage contains ten, twenty, or more bedbugs. You’ll end up taking them home with you. You may give them access to your home after purchasing used furniture too. Although it doesn’t happen often, bedbugs can sometimes travel from one residence to another.

Bedbug Health Hazards

Bedbugs can bite, and they bite often. Nevertheless, they’re not dangerous. They will bite, but they do not transmit illnesses or inject venom. Typically, they’re not dangerous in the conventional sense. Still, they pose other risks. They’ll prevent you from sleeping comfortably and that could make you sick. Regardless, it is best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Our Bedbug Removal Methods

We’re thrilled that we can provide our Davenport Iowa residents with highly reliable bedbug exterminations. We can get rid of these pests better than our competitors. First, we’ll inspect your home and try to find out which method is going to work best for the situation. We have several treatment options to ensure that each client’s needs and wants are satisfied.

Manual Bedbug Services

First, we offer manual bedbug services. They’re great for eliminating bedbugs in your bedroom or your children’s bedroom. While we can use chemicals for our manual services, we generally do not. Another thing to remember is that you’ll have to complete a list of tasks before we can use our manual services in your home.

Heat Treatments

We also offer heat treatments. They’ve become one of our most popular solutions because they can eliminate bedbugs of all ages. Plus, our heat treatment will eliminate all bedbugs and eggs in the home in one visit. The method doesn’t rely on chemicals so you can guarantee that you’re going to be okay. Plus, we’ll be in and out of your home in a few hours.


Finally, we also offer fumigation services. The method is great for treating large structures, including motels, hospitals, and offices. Just remember that this method relies on chemicals. It uses Vikane to kill bedbugs in commercial structures. The good news is that the preparation requirement list is slim.

Eliminating Bedbugs Without A Professional

Many Davenport residents will consider fixing the problem without a professional. Although you could experiment with DIY methods, we cannot recommend using this method. Doing so could lead to serious repercussions. For instance, you might waste your time and money. Plus, you could expose yourself to dangerous chemicals. Our methods are safe, so we recommend teaming up with us.

Our Treatments Are Safe

Pick us as your primary exterminator in Davenport Iowa because we offer safe solutions. We’ll do everything we can to take care of the problem while keeping you safe. Our technicians resolve such problems using EPA-registered products. Pick our services and you can sleep comfortably knowing everyone will be okay.

Bedbug Treatment Costs

The cost of our bedbug treatment depends. We must learn more about your situation before we can give you a bid price. We’ll need to find out how big your home is and large the infestation is. Once we’ve figured these things out, we’ll give you a bid price. If you’re happy with our price, the treatment can begin right away.

Preventing Invasions Of Bedbugs

It is pertinent to deal with the infestation and prevent it from returning. Start by properly sealing your home’s outer walls so they cannot find a way to enter the home. Be careful when staying at motels and purchasing used furniture.

When Can Your Tech Arrive?

Call our Davenport office right now. We’ll get back to you in 24 to 48 hours.

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