Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Once they’ve invaded a residence, bedbugs can hide anywhere. They could be under your mattress, on your furniture, and in your electrical outlets. They’re not picky, but they prefer being close to you so they can suck your blood in the middle of the night. Below, you’ll learn more about the favorite hiding places of bedbugs.

Where They Hide Most Frequently


First, you should realize that bedbugs prefer hiding close to their favorite food source. Bedbugs hide on mattresses so they can suck your blood easily at night. When you go to sleep, they’ll strike immediately. If you suspect your home has bedbugs, it is best to start by searching the mattress and box spring.

Your Bed Frames

Bedbugs tend to hide on beds hence the name. You’re going to find them on your bed frame too. Bedbugs are reddish-brown so they can hide on bed frames well. You may not see them until it is too late.


Don’t forget to check your bedclothes. Bedbugs can easily be spotted on sheets, covers, and pillowcases. When you find them on your sheets, you know the infestation has severely worsened. Don’t delay contacting a professional because you need one right away.


Adding carpet to a room adds more comfort. However, it is also going to add another hiding place for bedbugs. Bedbugs can climb out of your luggage or off your shoe and in your carpet. They’ll hide deep within the carpet’s fibers until you go to sleep. Vacuuming is a good way to get rid of bedbugs and bedbug eggs.

Couches, Chairs, & Furniture

Upholstered furniture can be other hiding places for bedbugs. The furniture provides many excellent hiding places, including under the cushions, between the cushions, under the furniture, and elsewhere. If the furniture is reddish-brown, it is going to be difficult to spot the bedbugs. Instead, they’ll blend in with the furniture in question. Ultimately, bedbugs can hide anywhere. They primarily hide in the places above, but they have other hiding places. Below, readers will learn more about other bedbug hiding places.


Bedbugs are often found in suitcases and luggage. If you recently returned from a vacation, you might’ve brought bedbugs with you. They might be hiding in your luggage. Unfortunately, this happens more often than most people could imagine. Bedbugs may stay in your luggage until you go to sleep. Then, they’ll come out and suck your blood.

Hanging Wall Decorations

You’ll also find bedbugs behind your hanging wall decorations. These residential pests can climb. They’ll climb up furniture, walls, and other items. If you have pictures or paintings hanging on your walls, bedbugs might be hiding behind them. Pull them down and check them carefully.


While it sounds odd, bedbugs can hide in books. They’ll hide beneath the book’s protective covering. Alternatively, they can slip into the small gap between the book’s spine and binding. They tend to hide in books close to beds.


Having a nightstand in your bed means you’re likely going to find bedbugs in your nightstand. Bedbugs stay close to your bed, so the nightstand is a great hiding place for them. If you suspect bedbugs are living in your home, pull out the drawers and look at them. You can also flip it over and check the bottom. If you find bedbugs on your nightstand, call a professional.

Electronic Gadgets

Bedbugs can also be found in your electronic devices. Bedbugs can slip through the small gaps on the outer portions of the electronics. Once they’ve done that, they’ll hide among the internal components. While they can be found in computers and televisions, they prefer devices closer to your bed. Therefore, they commonly hide in alarm clocks. Watch your alarm clock carefully. When you do, you may find bedbugs climb out of it. Do you store boxes under your bed? Unfortunately, bedbugs can hide here as well. It is pertinent to prevent this from happening. Be sure to use high-quality boxes that cannot be infiltrated easily. Use durable boxes that they cannot enter. Again, bedbugs can be hiding anywhere in your home. If you find them around your home, call our office. We’re ready to help. We’ll do our best to eliminate the pests right away.

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