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Stink bugs aren’t particularly one of the most beloved insects on the planet. Why would they be? Their name alone is off-putting. You combine this with some of their other innate habits, and it should be easy to see why the Stink Bug has grown to be one of the most dreaded invaders in the world. While they’ll usually only make their way onto most Davenport properties during the winter season, it doesn’t make them any less of a hassle. They are a real nuisance to deal with and pose a whole laundry list of problems. Despite this, there is a lot of interesting information surrounding this pesky pest. We are here to educate you to the fullest regarding the stink bug. This only goes to ensure you are prepared for your next encounter.

And given the prevalence of these bugs in Davenport, there will likely be an encounter.

They, Indeed, Do Stink

You probably don’t need a professional pest management pro to tell you that stink bugs stink. Just look at their name. This aside, they stink because when they feel threatened, they release a type of pungent substance from their glands. It’s a defense mechanism that the bugs will use to deter threats from other insects. If you want to mimic the occurrence, you can squeeze one of the bugs between your fingers. However, do be warned because this is not pleasant.

They Help Control Other Insects

Despite what you might hear about stink bugs, there are times when they can be considered useful insects. This is, however, only true of some subspecies. The subspecies Asopinae are predators of other insects. In addition to this, most of the species can be useful at keeping unwanted weeds and plants at bay. Given that they are plant eaters, they’ll make quick work of unwanted weeds and plants in your garden. They will also, unfortunately, get into some of your more delicate blooms, so there is a fine line here. The stink bug can be like a double-edged sword that is better left avoided.

They Are Actually Bugs

Most insects are referred to as bugs, but most of them aren’t bugs at all. The ladybug would be the perfect example of this. It is even one that has bug in the name. The only problem with this is they are not bugs; they are beetle. The stink bug, on the other hand, is an actual bug.

Defensive Nature

Another interesting thing about the stink bug is the adult displays parental-like concern. This is true for both sexes of the species. They’ll oftentimes stand guard over clustered eggs, aggressively defending them from any oncoming threat. The stink bug will act as a shield, dissuading any threat from attacking. In addition to this, the adult will usually stick around long after the nymph eggs hatch. What’s so interesting about this is it isn’t a trait that most insects take up. This is especially unique behavior for the males of the species.

As unique and interesting as the stink bug can be, they can be an equal nuisance. This is not one pesky pest you want lingering in or around the home. This is what we are here to help against. All you must do is get us on the phone and we’ll get someone out to evaluate and assess the property.

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