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Professional Bed Bug Steam Treatment

The bed bug is known for its deceptive behavior, hiding in sheets, pillows, mattresses, and box springs until its host falls into a deep sleep. It is not unusual for bed bugs to discretely infiltrate the human habitat. The insect may go unobserved until the host discovers a few bites on his skin. Initially, the bites may be ignored or brushed off as a mild allergic reaction to a common household allergen.  The incident may be totally forgotten until new bites appear on the skin in the same vicinity. This may or may not cause alarm, resulting in a visit to an outpatient clinic for a visual assessment. This is just one example of how humans discover their homes have been infiltrated by bed bugs.

Why Is My Mattress Infested With Bed Bugs?

Have you recently returned from vacation, visit with family and friends, or business trip? If so, you can contribute this trip to your bed bug problem. The bed bug, while not larger than an apple seed, can cause significant mental and physical damage. Victims of severe bed bug infestation have reported serious anxiety, depression, and insomnia in many cases. The mere fact, bed bugs feed on their victims while sleeping is enough to cause symptoms of mental illness.

When humans pick up bed bugs from travel accommodations, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, college dorms, bed & breakfasts, and homeless shelters, they unknowingly invite them into their homes.

Is Steam Treatment Effective For Bed bug Infestation?

Yes, steam utilizes temperatures 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher to eradicate bed bugs on contact. Steam is one of the most effective bed bug treatments because it penetrates a variety of materials – plastic, fabric, upholstery, carpet, vinyl, and thin metal. Bed bugs remain hidden until it is time to feed, which is always when the victim is asleep.

Steam permeates the aforementioned materials, reaching deep into the insect’s hiding place. This is just one reason why steam is such an effective bed bug extermination strategy.

How Does Steam Treatment Work?

Our pest control specialists utilize large steamers to generate temperatures high enough to eradicate bed bugs on contact. The specialists will continuously monitor the temperature to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness. When the temperature reaches the maximum desired setting, the bed bugs will begin to slowly die. The process continues until the specialists are satisfied a full-eradication has been reached.

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