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Most people have heard of termites, and everyone knows how devastating a termite infestation can be. While they’re not physically dangerous to people or pets, termites can create a handful of other problems. The most notable is the fact that they’ll tear through your home every second of the day. As soon as termites have been found in your dwelling, call a professional so they can rectify the problem. Otherwise, the infestation is going to worsen severely, and your home could be destroyed.

Termites are social pests that always work for the good of the colony. Since they consume cellulose, they’ll tear through paper, lumber, cardboard, cotton, furniture, and other items. Termites build mounds as their colony grows so they’ll have more space to move. Although the United States is home to other termite species, the most problematic is the Subterranean termite. On average, it is responsible for nearly $2 billion of damage to American structures each year.

Termite Colonies & Members

Termites live in sophisticated colonies with unique members. A colony will contain several members including queens, kings, workers, and soldiers. More about these members can be found below.

The Queen Termite

The Queen termite is ultimately one of the colony’s most important members. A queen termite is going to reproduce, lay eggs, and help build the colony. It is common for queen termites to lay as many as 30,000 eggs each day. Besides being the most important member, she is also the largest with some reaching four inches in length. She’ll need hundreds of worker termites to push her through the tunnels. During her life, she’ll work diligently to ensure the colony has plenty of worker termites.

The King Termite

Each termite colony is going to have one king termite. It will only have one king and one queen. The king works with the queen to reproduce and build the colony. Today, they continue expanding the colony for the rest of their lives.

Worker Termites

The colony is also going to have worker termites. The soft-bodied termites do not have wings and can reach 10mm. They resemble a grain of rice. Worker termites are vitally important to the colony because they never stop working. They perform many important tasks, including raising termite eggs, building new tunnels, searching for food, grooming other termites, and feeding other termites. Worker termites never stop working hard.

Soldier Termites

Besides the termites mentioned above, the colony on your property will also have soldier termites. Soldier termites look like worker termites since they’re the same color and roughly the same size. While workers spend their days working, soldiers spend their days defending the colony. They’ll use their powerful jaws to attack intruders. Soldier termites usually defend the colony from ants, but they can be attacked by other predators too.

Swarmer Termites

The termites want to expand to new areas at some point. To achieve this goal, they’re going to rely solely on their swarmer termites. The swarmers are responsible for achieving that goal. The colony will produce male and female swarmer termites. Then, the swarmer termites will leave the colony, fly elsewhere, and build new colonies in other locations. The swarmer termites are the only other termites that can reproduce.

A colony can produce hundreds or thousands of swarmer termites. However, the colony is only going to have one king and one queen.

Which Termites Live In Davenport Iowa?

Termites can be found in Davenport. Although there might be others, the most common is the Subterranean termite.


Subterranean termites are commonly found in Davenport, Iowa. They’re like other termites because they live in structured colonies. They have soldier termites, worker termites, and swarmer termites. Workers and soldiers can grow up to 3/8ths of an inch while swarmer termites reach half an inch. Soldier termites are different than workers because they have long, brown heads.

Common Activities

These termites prefer living in colonies underground. They can live above ground as long as the area is a must. Mud tubes are built so the termites can access food sources without being attacked. Subterranean termites produce swarmer termites in spring. These termites will leave the colony and build new colonies in other areas.

Primary Concerns

You cannot ignore the termite colony on your property. Subterranean termites are incredibly risky because they can damage residential structures swiftly. The problem only worsens when it is left untreated. Therefore, it is pertinent to hire a qualified exterminator in Davenport as soon as possible.

More About Flying Ants & Flying Termites

It is essential to learn more about flying ants and flying termites. Although these pests are similar, there are numerous differences between them. Otherwise, you might be dealing with termites and not realize it. Flying ants have several unique characteristics, including elbowed antennas and pinched waists. Their wings are two different sizes. Flying termites have straight antennas and a full, thick waist. As for their wings, they’re of equal size.

Interesting Facts About Termites

Termites are interesting but destructive. Therefore, you should try to remedy the problem with haste. It is pertinent to learn more about these pests so you can be ready to deal with them. Familiarize yourself with the facts provided below.

  • Termites never stop destroying your home. They work 24 hours a day and destroy your home every minute of the day.
  • A colony on your property could remain there for 50 or 70 years.
  • Typically, a termite colony on an American property will have half a million termites.
  • Termites are beneficial in nature. They help dispose of deadwood in forests and elsewhere.
  • Termites cannot survive unless they have water. Without water, they’ll dry out and perish.
  • Termites live underground and above ground. In the latter scenario, they must keep their tunnels moist.
  • It is common for ants to attack termites and their colonies. The soldier termites will have to defend the colony from these pests.
  • Homeowners in Davenport can eliminate termite colonies.
  • Around the world, researchers have found more than 2,000 termite species.
  • In America, you have to worry about 40 species. Most of them reside in the southeastern portion of the country.
  • Alaska is the only state that is free of Subterranean termites.
  • The Subterranean termite causes most of the damage to American structures.
  • Termites cannot chew through termites. Still, they can move through its cracks easily.
  • Worker termites have many responsibilities. They eat cellulose, digest it, and feed it to other members of the colony.
  • Queen termites are vitally important. They can survive for more than 20 years. Each day, they’ll lay thousands of termite eggs.

How Dangerous Are Termites To People?

You’re likely concerned that termites are going to be dangerous to you and your loved ones. The good news is that they’re not. Termites cannot directly hurt people or pets. They don’t bite, sting, or attack. Nevertheless, they can create some issues. They’ll destroy your home a little each minute. If you don’t do something about it rapidly, there is a risk that your home is going to become unstable. Suffice to say, it is essential to prevent it from reaching this severity. Get rid of the pests before something bad happens.

How To Eliminate Termite Infestations

You must find a way to eliminate the termites around your property as quickly as possible. Although there are other methods, the best is hiring us. We know more about termites than anyone else in Davenport. Therefore, we’re confident that we’ll find a rapid, reliable solution to the problem. Although termites can be overpowered easily, they’re difficult to eliminate. They can travel more than 300 feet from their colony to access food. Pinpointing the source of the problem won’t be easy. Depend on our services and you can guarantee that the problem will be dealt with quicker than you could ever imagine.

DIY Termite Treatments

Termites are complex pests that are difficult to eliminate. Although you can try, there is a slim chance that you’re going to eliminate them on your own. Instead, you’ll likely experience a wide assortment of problems. You could expose yourself to serious health hazards too. Isn’t it best to protect yourself and the one you love? Call our office to take advantage of our termite pest control services right away. We’re not going to let you down.

Our Timeline

We’re eager to help you resolve this problem. Phone our Davenport office right now. After your call, you can expect to hear from our representative within 24 to 48 hours.

The Safest Termite Solutions

Our team knows how important it is to protect you, your loved ones, and your pets. We take specific steps to ensure that our clients are going to be protected during the procedure. First, we’ll fix the problem using EPA-registered products. We prefer these methods because they’re safe and reliable. We only use methods that are safe around people and pets. Call us to learn more about the steps we take to protect our clients.

Preventing Invasions Of Termites

Use the advice below to keep termites away from your property.

  • Make sure water doesn’t sit around your home’s foundation. Deal with leaky pipes, overflowing gutters, and leaky air conditioning units.
  • Find and deal with humidity issues immediately. Be sure to check your crawlspace and attic.
  • Be careful with firewood. Never store it 20 feet or closer to your home. Plus, it should be at least five inches above the ground.
  • Conventional mulch can create some issues. Keep it 15 inches away from your home’s foundation or use rubber mulch.
  • Check your dwelling for the signs of termites once or twice a week.
  • Call us if you suspect termites are on your property.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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