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Professional Eco-Friendly Pest Control Davenport IA

Pests come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are household pests, pantry pests, overwintering pests, and flying pests. Nearly everyone has encountered pests at some point in their life. Those who deny these encounters continue to refuse pests even exist. But they do, which is obvious by the damage they cause in residential and commercial establishments. Property owners report thousands of dollars in pest damage each year in Iowa. This is not to mention, the mental anguish suffered by the victims. There is no doubt, the nearly 900,000 species of pests are linked to the structural damage of houses, apartments, commercial properties, public establishments, government buildings, hospitals, and manufacturing plants.

Why Eco-Friendly Pest Control?

Pest control solutions are broken down into categories, based on the formula. One example is eco-friendly pest control, comprised of treatments that do not utilize synthetic chemicals. Instead, eco-friendly pest control is a compilation of treatments that utilize natural and organic chemicals.

There are many reasons why Davenport consumers prefer eco-friendly pest management to strategies that utilize synthetic chemicals. The main reason is eco-friendly pest control does not pose a danger to the environment, humans, plants, or animals.

How Does Eco-Friendly Pest Management Work?

Eco-friendly pest control works by eradicating rodents and insects on contact. When the treatment does not achieve the eradication of all pests on contact, it is left in place for up to 90 minutes. During the treatment process, the temperature is continuously monitored, as well as the pests.

Our professional eco-friendly pest management strategies include:

All these treatments deliver full eradication of pests immediately or within 90 minutes, in most cases. Thermal heat, cryonite, and steam permeate a variety of materials, including plastic, thin metal, leather, vinyl, carpet, wallpaper, and fabric.

Why Is Eco-Friendly Pest Control So Effective?

Eco-friendly treatments are effective because they have penetrating capabilities. Steam, cryonite, and thermal heat penetrate materials utilized for the construction of buildings. Bed bugs are known to hide deep inside cracks, holes, crevices, gaps, and other openings in bed frames, bedside tables, decorative items, chairs, toys, and shoes.

Conventional treatments, such as insecticide and pesticide, are not as effective as our eco-friendly treatments because they do not have penetrating capabilities.

Is Eco-Friendly Pest Management Non-Toxic?

No, eco-friendly is exactly as its name entails. These treatments do not utilize toxic chemicals to eradicate pests. Instead, they utilize extremely high and cold temperatures. We create an environment inside the impacted property that no pest can possibly survive. Cryonite is just one example, utilizing temperatures below 108 degrees Fahrenheit. Thermal heat, on the other hand, utilizes temperatures 100 degrees Fahrenheit and higher to eradicate pests. Both treatments are effective and 100 percent safe.

Eco-Friendly Pest Management Preparation

While eco-friendly treatments do not harm the environment, they do pose some risks to humans, animals, and materials. Before steam, cryonite, and thermal heat treatments are implemented, the infested property must be vacated. All occupants, including children, adults, and pets of the property, are evacuated prior to each treatment. These safety precautions are to prevent exposure to high and low temperatures that pose risks to all living creatures.

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