What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Are you interested in keeping bedbugs away from your home? When dealing with other bugs, you can keep them away by using certain smells and scents. It works for a handful of pests, but it may not be effective against bedbugs. Furthermore, it would be pertinent to find the right scent. Some scents help but others do not. One scent that has been effective against bedbugs is the scent released by the baby bedbug. Once they’re born, baby bedbugs will begin releasing pheromones. The scent lets adult, male bedbugs know they’re approaching baby bedbugs. As a result, it stops them from trying to mate with the babies. The scent works well for keeping adult, male bedbugs away. The only problem is that it doesn’t have any impact on female bedbugs. Therefore, they’re going to continue strolling through your home. Not too long ago, researchers studied the toxicity of essential oils for bedbugs. The study attempted to find out how effective essential oils were for eliminating bedbugs. Although some oils were more reliable than others, none of them were great. The most effective were paraffin oil and silicone oil. If you wish to keep bedbugs away from your home, call and hide a qualified professional.

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